Collective purchasing of PV-solar systems

In 2010 Urgenda started the first (nation-wide) action for collective purchasing of solar PV-systems for households. The aim of this action was to organize a bulk-order and get a decent price reduction. That way, many households would decide in favour of PV and give a boost to the infant market. It worked !

A small group of citizens in Zwolle (Raphaël, Loet, Charles en Alan) recognized the value of this idea with the suport of a provincial subsidy. They benefitted from the lessons learned by Urgenda and managed to set up a very smart promotional action.

In just two rouds 350 households joined the project and together realized 1 MWp of PV-solar systems ! Many others were inspired by this example and for quite some time Zwolle held the title of ‘most PV-minded area’ in the Nehterlands. The example also found its way to the region, where many smaller initiatives were started.EarthWise facilitated the actions in Zwolle by acting as secretary.