Duurzaam Zwolle (Sustainable Zwolle)

Duurzaam Zwolle (Sustainabe Zwolle) is a private initiative aiming at facilitating people wishing to adapt a more sustainable life-style. Duurzaam Zwolle is a website where one can find a wealth of information about sustainability in all aspects of daily life. Energy, travel, building, waste, groceries and more. The visitor is offered information enabling him to quicklybecome become acquinted with the subject. On top of that the site links to background information and specialized internet sites.The site is a welcome alternative to endless surfing on the internet that offers only a small chance of succes. The site primarely aims at the citizens of Zwolle by also linking to local suppliers. 
EarthWise here also acts as secretary for Duurzaam Zwolle, for instance in order to obtain subsidies.