Inle Trust Projects

Computer Training Class (2010)

This was our very first project. At that time there were no computers (and no electricity), actually most of the children had not even seen a computer! Paradoxically that made teaching actually easier…..

Ko Yin mineralwater (2011 – 2014)

“One bottle sold feeds one child one meal”

To set up a modern water purification factory was a most challenging project and more so because we choose to produce mineral water rather than RO. Clean nourishing water is now consumed by the Children and the Villagers and excess water is bottled and sold to the public and funds used to buy food for the children.

Children of the Revolution (Published by Filament 2014)

This book and the work of The Inle Trust is endorsed by His Holiness The Dalai Lama. Read about the freedom fighter “Major” and Phongyi (Monk) and the making of the Ko Yin Mineral Water Factory……with amazing colour photographs.

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24 Toilets & Bathing Area (2015)

This project speaks for itself. And saves the Lake from being even more polluted! The Inle Trust commissioned the building of 24 toilets, 10 showers and improvements in the girls bathing areas.

Children’s Health Clinic (2016)

The children’s medical clinic formally opened on 24th November 2015 with much pomp and ceremony with Dr Jane Dunbar & Dr Isabelle Salmona.

All the village elders were invited, and all the teachers and children also participated. Dressed in colourful ethnic costumes everyone danced and sang together to the local music. There were food stalls and Ko Yin mineral water was sold by the bucket full !

Children’s medical clinic is available to treat the 1,100 children and also the 3,000 or so villagers by Dr Jane Dunbar and her team from Scotland.

Training 50 Nurse-aid Students (2017)

The Inle Trust launched the Healthcare Training course for the first batch of 50 students at the brand-new Training centre building. The children have been carefully chosen not just from the monastery school but also from the surrounding lake and mountain villages so that once they finish their training it is hoped that some of them will go back to their village and make a difference in the health of their community.

Training Centre Building & Equipment (2017)

Initially donated for Nurse-aid training is now used for vocational training; health & language training etc.

Teachers Training & High School Building (2018)

This project was funded by The Inle Trust from the funds raised from the Joseph Calleja Opera; with collaboration with The Samena Foundation and the volunteer teachers from The Charterhouse School of the UK. The building is also used as a High School for the children and has some beautiful “Penthouse!” rooms on the top floor overlooking the Lake.

Dental Clinic (2019)

2019 comes to a beautiful end as we launch the Children’s Dental Clinic at The Inle Trust Health Centre on 17th November 2019. Nuria Delgado-Colomo & Dr. Vassia Karpeta from England will be running the clinic.

Sewing Training Centre & Equipment (2020)

The Inle Trust sponsored the construction of a “tailor-made!” building at Phaya Taung Monastery and provided the sewing equipment for 50 students. Training by local government commenced in February 2020.

Children of The Revolution. A spiritual Journey to Burma & Buddhism (2018).

“Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without” Buddha

“Children of the Revolution is a book of converging worlds. In it you discover the very human weave of courage, perseverance and vision, woven with a delightful touch of humour and surprise. It also has the beguiling pattern of a journey unfolding. And as it unfolds, you learn. And you are inspired.

Children of the Revolution is both an inspiration and a teaching. It unfolds as a flower does. As you are taken along the twin tracks of a journey through a conflicted region, and a personal journey of reflection, gradually what remains with you is a story about Loving Kindness. Appropriately it starts with a family gathering and ends with the family at the monastery. These are the ripples across the lake, ever-widening patterns of mettā as the children are sheltered, fed, educated, and then go into the world”.

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And finally for something light hearted ………Watch the interview with this wise Monk, Phongyi and other humanitarians like Andrea Bocelli, Joseph Calleja etc. Listen to the song dedicated to The Children of the Monastery by rock star Charlie Freeman on: