Objectives of EarthWise

The objectives of EarthWise International Foundation are:

  • The realization of the transition towards a sustainable society, at the local, regional, national and international level. This being a society conducting itself with respect for the earth and its inhabitants, guaranteeing and creating a future for the next generations;
  • To increase the awareness of people, companies and organizations, politicians and policy-makers of the effects of human actions on the quality of our present and future environment, ourselves and our fellow humans and the earth as a whole;
  • To effectively stimulate as many people as possible to a change of behavior in their private and professional lives, leading towards a more sustainable way of dealing with the earth, her natural resources, her inhabitants, flora and fauna;
  • The transformation of individuals and organizations ,of their impediments, problems, resistances and fears, that stand in the way of actively taking responsibility, in order to facilitate an action towards a more sustainable lifestyle.
  • Through these objectives the founders trust to contribute to a sustainable society that will be thriving and positive for many generations to come, and the preservation of the earth as a livable planet in the broadest sense of the word. They are convinced that every person acknowledges the importance of this, but is just hindered by his set patterns of thinking, his feeling of dependent powerlessness and the hidden options for making a personal and collective contribution.