Projects 2020

What started with a small project of school material has grown into multiple and serious projects. We would check whether there was practical material left over in the Netherlands. And at the end of 2018, two large crates of material were shipped to Phaya Taung.

At the beginning of 2019 we were back to investigate the electricity consumption and the problems with the small hydropower plant. The problem turned out not so much damage from lightning strikes, but rather a much too large (and therefore inefficient) and bad generator. The energy consumption has also been mapped and proved to be easy to supply by the power plant. A new smaller 7.5 KW generator could be a big step forward.

We looked with different eyes and learned a lot about the whole ins and outs of the school. We took stock of the electricity consumption and the use of firewood. Ideas already arose on the spot, which were immediately discussed with Ponghyi, U Zin Lay (second monk) and Thant Zin Oo (facility manager). Many ideas were not entirely new, but due to lack of time, knowledge, funds and skills such as project organization, these ideas were never implemented.

Back home, we worked out the ideas and emailed the monastery a lot. Nothing moved ! Again the same impeding factors, while it seemed so simple to us. The number 1 priority is really the children, their housing and the food ! Our patron is (again) willing to put a big penny in the bag. At the beginning of 2020 we went to Phaya Taung again. With detailed plans and money to invest. Have a look at the projects !