Early 2019, we brought practical material for physics  ... >>> more

Rice cookers

How do you cook 600 kilos of rice for 1,100 children every ... >>> more

Hydro Power

Early 2020 the generator had not yet been replaced.   ... >>>  more

Solar water heaters

During our visit in 2019, we saw several options for reducing  ... >>> more

Solar panels

In 2019 we already made contact with Techno-Hill, a company  ... >>> more

Power grid

We had found in 2019 that the local electricity supply on ... >>> more

Electricity pylons

There are about 100 wooden poles between the hydroelectric ... >>>  more

English library

The language of instruction at school is English. Taught by ... >>>  more

Trash management

We know the waste problem in Myanmar. Since the introduction ... >>>  more